Expo San Juan 2024

Exhibitor Profile


Stand: F-230F-231F-232F-233

Company Information

  • Business Name:  AERZEN
  • Customer Service Email:  [email protected]
  • Address and Location:  Domingo de Acassuso 4743 Munro, Buenos Aires 1605

Description of the company

AERZEN is a German company that stands among the leading manufacturers of positive displacement blowers, screw blowers, screw compressors, and turbo blowers worldwide. Their technologies combine efficiency, sustainability, and adaptability, along with their 160 years of experience in the industry. AERZEN has a presence on all continents and in more than 100 countries. Particularly, AERZEN Argentina is an official subsidiary representing the company without intermediaries. It has technical service and certified personnel trained to offer the best personalized attention.

The commitment to innovation and excellence positions AERZEN as a valuable partner for those seeking to optimize their operations in the mining industry through cutting-edge technology, focused on the specific needs of the customer.

Products and Services

-Compressors, -Industrial blowers.