Expo San Juan 2024

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Stand: B-21B-22B-23B-24B-25B-26B-27B-28B-29B-30B-31B-32B-33
Mining Machinery and EquipmentMachinery and EquipmentProvision of equipment (tools, consumables, etc.)Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly of metal structures

Company Information

  • Business Name:  BERTOTTO BOGLIONE SA
  • Customer Service Email:  [email protected]
  • Address and Location:  Ruta 9, Km 443 Argentina X2580CDE

Description of the company

At Bertotto Boglione SA, since 1948, we have been addressing international-scale storage needs. We produce in Argentina and reach the entire world.

Products and Services

  • Tanks, Tipper Semi-trailer, High Vacuum Equipment, Lining Semi-trailer, Fuel Supply Tanks, Tanker Semi-trailer, Water Sprinkler Tank, ESM Lubrication Truck, Vacuum Truck, Barges, Sand Box, ASME Stamped Pressure Vessels.


Bertotto Boglione