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Stand: C-43
Immersion Galvanizing Service

Company Information

  • Business Name:  DRUETTA HNOS. S.A.
  • Customer Service Email:  [email protected]
  • Address and Location:  Chaco 1155 Buenos Aires 1748
  • Phone:  541159918161

Description of the company

Druetta Hnos. is a leading company in the Hot-Dip Galvanizing sector, with over 75 years of experience providing comprehensive solutions to various industries such as Mining, Oil & Gas, agriculture, livestock, architecture, telecommunications, roadways, infrastructure, renewable energy, high voltage, and others.

Druetta Hnos. boasts a furnace with an operational capacity of 12 meters in length, 1.7 meters in width, and 2.6 meters in depth, capable of processing between 1500 and 2000 tons per month. In addition to its multiple benefits and advantages:

Low cost No maintenance required Long lifespan Quick and cost-free installations Guaranteed delivery times Applicable to pieces of various sizes Technical and commercial advice Material concentrators at strategic points Given the wide variety of iron or steel elements that can be galvanized, and considering all the aforementioned advantages, it's necessary to highlight an additional major advantage: every piece, after being galvanized, can also be painted.

Considering all these points, we believe that Druetta Hnos. offers the most efficient service against the corrosion of iron and steel.

Products and Services

Submerged Galvanization.


Druetta Hnos S.A.