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Stand: C-74C-75
Energy Supply

Company Information

  • Business Name:  GENNEIA S.A.
  • Customer Service Email:  [email protected]
  • Address and Location:  Complex Olivos Building II, Nicolás Repetto 3676 3er piso, Olivos Buenos Aires 1636

Description of the company

Genneia is a leader in renewable energy in Argentina. Through sustainable actions, they accompany the mining sector year after year towards decarbonization.

Products and Services

  • With over 12 years in the energy sector, we offer long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) within the framework of the Renewable Energy Term Market (MATER), guaranteeing the renewable origin and sustainable profile of energy consumption for your operations. These energy solutions also enable us to comply with the standards of the Towards Sustainable Mining Program (HMS), where renewable energy projects are offered to help achieve the highest Level A rating for all three HMS indicators and continuously improve management and performance in this area. This collaboration helps reduce mine operation costs by cutting fuel consumption for generation and dispatch logistics.

We provide hybrid generation systems under the 'Energy-as-a-Service' model, where we invest, build, and operate on-site generation plants throughout the project's lifecycle. This eliminates the need for client investment through a long-term PPA contract.

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