An operation by the Veladero, Lama, and the San Juan Government Teams safeguards 16 miners from an exploration company

In a display that combined solidarity and high-altitude logistics, 16 miners were successfully rescued from extreme conditions in the Andes Mountains. This rescue was possible thanks to the coordination between the Ministry of Mining of San Juan, the Veladero mine, and the Lama project, who swiftly mobilized their emergency response teams to tackle the crisis.

By Panorama Minero

The situation began with early April snowstorms that blocked access to the El Toro project, operated by Condor Prospecting S.A. With the threat of more storms and insufficient resources to clear the path, the Ministry of Mining was called upon for support. The Ministry quickly coordinated efforts with the Veladero mine and the Lama project, operated by Barrick Gold, to organize the evacuation of the stranded miners.

The Minister of Mining of San Juan, Juan Pablo Perea, thanked all involved for the coordination that made this rescue possible, emphasizing the miners' determination and collaboration. "This rescue is an example that in critical moments we can come together and achieve incredible things. It demonstrates our commitment to safety in the mining industry, regardless of whether it involves public or private entities," the minister noted.

The director of Mining Environmental Control and Regulation, Roberto Luna, received the emergency call from the geologist in charge of the team at the El Toro project. The intense snowfall had overwhelmed the team's ability to reopen the road, leading to the coordination and collaborative efforts that ultimately resulted in the rescue.

The key operation took place on April 21. In the morning, the rescue team set off from Veladero with a Pisten Bully, a snowmobile, avalanche search and rescue equipment, and communication systems. They traveled 30 km to reach the isolated miners, coordinating each move with the support of the Ministry and satellite communications to ensure maximum safety.

After a 14-hour operation, all miners were successfully rescued and transported to the Veladero camp, where they received medical attention at the mine's hospital, confirming they were in good health. They then stayed at the camp until Monday the 22nd, when they were expected to return to San Juan to reunite with their families.

Veladero's General Manager and rescue operation leader, Yuri Saenz, expressed his recognition to the Veladero and Lama emergency teams for their professionalism and dedication. "Our priority in the Winter Operation is planning and preparation to ensure safety in high mountains. Solidarity and collaboration among all parties have resulted in this successful outcome," said Saenz, underscoring that safety and teamwork are crucial to protecting human lives in extreme weather conditions.


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